Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Private Tea Ceremony

$ 80.00 per person

Note: maximum 3 guests per private tea ceremony.

Join us for a relaxing 90 minutes of traditional teahouse hospitality, including your choice of tea, conversation, and sweet treats.

You and your guests may choose from one of three traditional tea ceremonies, based on your tastes and interests. Your tea ceremony will be determined by the type of tea you are interested in drinking. 

While traditional tea service is available at our Tea Bar during regular business hours, seats at the bar are first-come, first-served and quite popular! Booking a private tea ceremony is an excellent way to ensure personalized attention from our Tea Tenders and guarantee that everyone in your party is able to enjoy the full, relaxing and often meditative experience of the traditional tea ceremony.

What is Included in a Private Tea Ceremony?

Each tea ceremony will include your choice of traditional tea or teas accompanied by treats from Korean Bakery Ppang. You will learn both the history and the process of your chosen traditional tea ceremony, along with the history and terroir of the teas you drink. 

Traditional Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony (The Art of Tea)

Also known as the Art of Tea, the Gongfu Tea Ceremony is traditionally performed with a clay Yixing teapot or a Gaiwan. Gongfu has several meanings in Chinese and carries with it the connotation of study or discipline in connection with skills and art. This beautiful ceremony is best experienced in a small group setting without outside distractions.

Japanese Chanoyu Tea Ceremony (The Way of Tea)

The Japanese Way of Tea (Chanoyu) is a tradition steeped in history and particular to Japanese culture. More than just the serving and receiving of tea, Chanoyu is a form of hospitality meant to offer a respite from the fast pace of everyday life.  

Kyusu Ceremony

Using a Japanese Kyusu teapot, we will serve you and your guests your choice of Japanese Green Teas. We recommend a beautiful Sencha or shade-grown Kabusecha. 

Matcha Ceremony

Ceremonial Matcha differs from the Matcha Wakatake that we typically serve at our bar in taste and preparation. We serve two types of Ceremonial Matcha from Uji, Japan: Matcha Wako (thin-grade) and Matcha Unkaku (thick grade). These matchas are served hot without honey or milk (in contrast to our Matcha Wakatake) and are intensely flavorful with vegetal notes of spring shoots. You will learn about the different Ceremonial Matcha preparations and experience the traditional Way of Tea as you enjoy this uplifting and centering ceremony. (Please note: Matcha contains high amounts of caffeine. With this in mind, we recommend booking your Matcha ceremonies in the morning.)

Please expect your private tea ceremony to last 1.5 to 2 hours. 

When are Private Tea Ceremonies Available?

Private Tea Ceremonies are available outside of regular opening hours, and each ceremony is limited to 3 guests. Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest and suggest dates for your private ceremony. One of our Tea Tenders will be in touch shortly to schedule your traditional tea service!


Interested in learning more about teas and brewing techniques? Please explore our Intro to Traditional Tea Class or a Private Tea Class.