Hungarian Acacia Honeycomb in Cassette

Hungarian Acacia Honeycomb

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Hungarian Acacia Honeycomb

Tasting Notes

Light and sweet, melt-in-your mouth texture with delicate notes of white flowers and vanilla

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100% Raw Acacia Honeycomb

About the Pollen

This gorgeously gold honeycomb has delicate floral notes with a hint of vanilla that will make your mouth water and your charcuterie boards sing! 100% edible, honeycomb is full of antioxidants and minerals, and is a heart-healthy snack and sweetener!

Hungarian Acacia honey is a perennial favorite in our tasting room because its light and delicate sweetness is like nectar from the gods. About 20% of the forests in Hungary are the acacia tree (the densest population in Europe!) and this light raw northern honey is just the touch to impress your friends, treat yourself, or tell your host/hostess thank you!

Though we recommend trying this honeycomb by the spoonful, there are many delicious ways to enjoy raw honeycomb! Besides making a delightful and artful addition to cheeseboards, honeycomb may be added to salads, fresh fruit, or enjoyed on toast!

Pair with: Cheese boards, Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Warm Biscuits/Toast

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