Recipe Manifesto

2017 has come and like so many others, Saratoga Tea and Honey is setting goals for the new year.

We love that our customers are pairing tea with honey and honey with tea.  A cup of chai really wants that dollop of cinnamon honey with a bit of milk, and our after dinner herbals, with a touch of raw honey, is the perfect combination to carry you to sweet dreams.

In our shop, our customer's natural inclination is to pair tea and honey for a sweet brew.  But wait!  There are so many wonderful applications to use tea and raw honey!  They are ingredients that will enhance your cooking, your vinaigrettes and sauces, soups and braises, tarts and puddings.  So, with teacups in hand, we are excited to present different ways to use our delicious teas and honeys!

Meet Hayley, owner and chef, and Lillian, ST&H operations manager and renaissance woman.  In 2017, it is our manifesto that ST&H will bring you weekly recipes to encourage creativity in your kitchen and put simple, healthy dishes on your table!