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  • Cranberry Sauce with Honey
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    Hayley Stevens

Cranberry Sauce with Honey

Dress up your traditional Thanksgiving Day sauce with raw honey! It makes so much sense:  Cranberry Sauce made with Cranberry Blossom Honey.  Why not use a natural sweetener that is the result of the pollination that creates the cranberries themselves?  It's a wonderful symbiotic relationship, that is a gift of nature.  Where the tartness of the cranberries end, the sweetness of the Cranberry Blossom Honey begins.  We can't wait for you try it.

Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce with Honey


1 10oz package of fresh cranberries
2 T water
9oz Cranberry Blossom Honey (or about 2/3 of our 12oz jar)
1/2 lemon, pith peeled
pinch of salt


In a small saucepan with a cover, at medium low heat, cook the cranberries, water, 6oz honey, and lemon peel about 15 minutes or until the cranberries start to burst. Add in the remaining honey, pinch of salt and pepper.  Serve warm or refrigerate until needed. Enjoy!

  • Post author
    Hayley Stevens