2018 Gift Guide for the Tea & Honey Lover

Gift Guide Tea & Honey Lover

We've curated a list of gifts for the Tea & Honey gourmand that will help you quickly navigate our gift options.  Enjoy!

1. Antique Tea Cups & Tea Sets

Available In-Store only, these gorgeous and often one-of-a kind vintage teacups, tea pots, and tea sets are hand-chosen for style, rarity, and that je ne sais quoi that makes for the perfect gift.

2. European Honey Sampler Gift Set

Sometimes you just can't choose one honey, so we've curated a few honey sampler gift sets for you! One of our favorites, the European Honey Sampler Gift Set has our three most interesting honeys, making it not only a great gift but also a wonderful party activity!

3. Clay Concepts Pottery Honey Pot

While we love our honey jars, there's just something about serving honey to your guests in a beautiful, handmade honey pot that really sets the table. These gorgeous and locally made honey pots come in a variety of glazes and are the perfect kitchen item your giftee didn't know they needed!

4. Pu Er 2015 Bada Shan Mini Bingcha 

A beautiful aged tea, this unique gift is one that keeps on giving. Drink now or continue to age for a special yearly tradition.

5. Mr. Shao Yixing Teapot

Yixing Teapots are a very special and traditional way to brew Chinese teas, especially large leaf Pu Erh and Oolong teas. We love these lovingly handcrafted Yixing clay teapots by Mr. Shao for both their beauty and their functionality.

6. Starter Gift Basket

These curated gift baskets have everything you need to get started drinking loose leaf tea! Complete with one of our most popular teas, a perfectly paired honey, and a tea infuser basket that's as functional as it is pretty, this starter gift basket is the ideal gift for any tea lover on your list. (Every long-time tea drinker will tell you there's no such thing as too many infusers!)

7. Mango Infused Honey

Our #1 selling honey, everyone on your list will love this delicious tropical treat. Excellent in Matcha and green teas, Mango honey is also delightful in cocktails, on fruit parfaits, and as an intriguing addition to charcuterie boards!

8. Dew Individual Tea Sets

Sometimes tea is more than just a beverage, it's a lifestyle. We adore these pastel teapots that perfectly walk the line between traditional and modern. Fitting seamlessly with most home decor styles, you cannot go wrong with one of these tea sets for the tea aficionado on your list!

9. Tranquilité

A gorgeous, full-flower herbal tisane, Tranquilité is one of our favorite brews from Quebec. This blend of calendula, agastache, amaranth, and lemon balm is floral and citrusy with just a hint of licorice at the finish. Perfect for relaxing and unwinding, this herbal tisane also helps with stomach upset and indigestion. 

10. Ben Suga Tea Bowls & Mugs

Made by local Catskills potter Ben Suga, these gorgeous bowls are a beautiful blend of Upstate rustic charm and Karatsu-style pottery. The mugs are perfect for bold, tannic teas like English Breakfast Assam, one of our more oxidized oolongs (think Da Hong Pao), or even coffee! The lovely tea bowls have also been known to moonlight as serving dishes for nuts, snacks, and berries!