2021 Holiday Gift Guides: Stocking Stuffers

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Put a little quali-tea in your stocking stuffers this holiday season. From teaware to honey soap, we’ve curated our list of 2021 stocking stuffers for the tea and honey lover alike. You’ll find something unique to each item, offering a small but special token your loved ones are sure to enjoy.

Image of suggested tea and honey stocking stuffers

1. The Little Tea Book

 $20. For the tea-loving bookworms. This creatively informative book about tea production, culture and travel makes for the perfect way to cozy up with—you guessed it—a hot cup of tea.

2. Assorted Tea Tins 

$8. Our Mini Tea Tins boast some unbe-leaf-able flavors! Available in popular varieties of herbal tisanes and scented teas—the perfect way to sample our tea blends.

3. Bee’s Wrap

$10. Made from organic cotton and beeswax, these bee-utiful, reusable and washable food wraps are perfect for food storage. 

4. Honey Bee Rich Soap

$9. Honey Bee Rich Body Care offers a variety of pure shea butter soaps, all locally made with some of our products and organic essential oils.

5. Wood Dipper

$5. A classic round wooden honey dipper makes for an elegant way to serve bee-licious honey. 

6. Saratoga Tea & Honey Co. Stickers (In-Store Only)

$5. Someone on your list love our products? Why, how sweet! Give the gift of our brand stickers for your loved one to embrace the tea-rrific life. Available in store!

7. Folding Handle Tea Infuser

$15. Ah, convenience. This stainless steel, reusable tea infuser is perfect for brewing a flavorful cup.

8. Saratoga Honey Gift Set

$24. This one’s for the honey lovers who can’t decide on just one flavor. We paired a set of our most bee-licious, popular honey flavors that are always flying off the shelves.

9. Cigarillo Tea Needle

$14. A stocking stuffer for the “ages”. Our dark wood tea needle carefully opens pressed Pu Erh tea cakes, which are aged, fermented tea leaves. A must have Pu Erh accessory!

10. Matcha Chasen

$20. Keep it traditional with a matcha bamboo whisk, an essential tool for preparing Japan’s famous ceremonial powdered green tea.

11. Honey Sticks

$.50 What better stuffer than a honey stick? Honey sticks make a great energy snack on the go for kids and adults. Just snip, squeeze and go!

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