2019 Stocking Stuffer Wishlist ūüźĚ

We've curated our 2019 stocking stuffer picks for the tea and honey lover alike! You'll find something unique to each brewing style and find bee related products for an extra special gift.

Stocking Stuffer 2019

1.  The Little Tea Book  is a sweet, concise, and creatively informative book about tea production, culture and travels. $20

2. The Bee Stir Stick for stirring cocktails, honey or iced tea with style. $5

3. The Wooden Honey Dipper is the dipper your Grandma owned, and is still a minimalist classic for serving honey. $5

4. Hoarfrost Tea Tin is a re-steepable floral and fruity oolong that will transport you to the far east in every cup. $7

5. Bee's Wrap natural cotton and beeswax food grade reusable wrap for citrus, avocado, breads, sandwiches, leftovers, cheese and more.  A necessary item for an eco-conscience world. $6.50-$18

6. Chinese porcelain teacups for a meditative tea service.  A wide selection is available in-store only!

7. 2013 Three Cranes Liu Bao Heicha is for the lover of aged and fermented teas.  It's smooth, earthy and utterly delicious. $18.50

8. Japanese paper wrapped tea tins for tea storage. Elegant, eco-friendly, and available in an assortment of prints in-store only!

9. Matcha Wakatake White Chocolate Bar in collaboration with Saratoga Chocolate Co.. Get your matcha fix with the creamiest white chocolate, like a latté with a 'snap'. $8

10. Honey Bee Rich Body Soaps are made with all natural ingredients, honey and tea!

11. Folding Handle Tea Strainer with Carrying Case is the most useful tool in your tea cabinet.  A must for loose tea beginners or the more practiced brewer alike. $15

12. Black Tea Cured in a King Orange is a novelty for the curious tea lover. $4.25

13. Pure Beeswax Candles are made by our apiaries and burn cleanly and slowly. $5 & up

14. Vietnamese Mung Bean Cakes are a vegan/gluten free treat like no-other and reminiscent of the best part of a peanut butter cup, the interior. $7.50

15. Earth Sunflower Bamboo & Stainless Steel Straws come with a cleaner and carrying pouch and are a thoughtful gift for your friend who loves to-go beverages! $11-$13

16. Matcha Chasen for the matcha lover who likes to do things the right way. The foam the natural bamboo whisk makes is like no electrical gadget could. $20

17. Cigarillo Tea Needle for carefully opening up pressed tea cakes such as our heicha or pu er bingcha.  $12

18. The Ultimate Honey Variety Pack of our customer's favorites, Mango, Cinnamon and Local Wildflower Honey! $24