Gifts for The Queen Bee ūüźĚ

Mother's Day Gift Guide
The countdown has begun with just over 1 week until Mother's Day.  So, what exactly should you buy for the woman who has done and will do anything in the world for you?  We've rounded up the best gifts from the shop to remind your mom how much you love your Queen Bee.

Tea Enthusiast Gift Guide

Tea Enthusiast Gift Guide:

Whether you know someone who is new to tea or an everyday tea devotee, the gift of teas or brewing equipment is sure to perk up an everyday routine. Here are our top 10 gifts for the Tea Enthusiast in your life! 

1. Yixing Teapot $100+ 

2. Japanese Wrapped Tea Tins $12

3. Iced Matcha Tea Set- $55

4. Dong Ding  $16

5. Matcha Wako - $35

6. Field of Dreams  $12

7. Clay Concepts Tea Bowl $35

8. Dew Tea Sets- $45

9. Bamboo Wrapped Flask $27

10. Lucidity Brew-In Cup $22

10 Gifts $20 & Under


10 Gifts $20 & Under:

Whether you’re shopping for stocking stuffers or need that perfect little present for a co-worker or friend, these affordable gift ideas are brilliant for someone who loves tea & honey!

1.  Matcha Chasen $20

2.  Folding Handle Tea Infuser w/ Case $15

3.  Glass Infuser Flask  $20

4.  Honey Candy $9.50

5.  Beeswax Candle $5

6.  Saratoga Red Chai $14

7.  Moonspoon Honey Dipper $11

8.  Honey Bee Rich Body Care - Soap $9

9.  V Smiley Preserves $7

10.  Tea & Honey Gift Certificate $20