• Gift Guide for the Tea & Honey Lover
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    Hayley Stevens

Gift Guide for the Tea & Honey Lover

Gift Guide Tea & Honey Lover

We've curated a list of gifts for the Tea & Honey gourmand that will help you quickly navigate our gift options.  Enjoy!

1. Antique Tea Cups & Tea Sets: In-Store only

2. Honey & Tea Variety Pack - Sold out! May we suggest our Honey Variety Packs instead?

3. Clay Concepts

4. Pu Er 2015 Bada Shan Mini Bingcha 

5. Mr. Shao Yixing Teapot

6. Small Gift Basket

7. Mango Infused Honey

8. Dew Individual Tea Sets

9. Tranquilité

10. Kelli Cain Tea & Honey Pottery

  • Post author
    Hayley Stevens